Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Battery+ (App Review)

Okay, so I said I was only reviewing games. But I saw a Google+ post about the revised version of a battery app by Gerard Coll. Gerard's icon by the way is really cool. Hello Kitty + Star Wars.

Gerard's company name is Webserveis and you can get this in the Marketplace at https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/battery-2. There was an earlier version that was okay, but the new version (Battery+) is really useful.

Why do I care so much about batteries. Well, on a phone it matters a lot. All my phones have some kind of battery app, because I really want to know (and quick) how much battery I have left.

Once you load the app, here is what it looks like:

I like the big colored bar with the percent (%) remaining. 93% looks good. There's lots of statistics that change as the app sits longer on your phone. If you scroll down, there's more information:

If you hit Direct access, it takes you to the device's battery information. But what I like is that I can get an instant battery percent with one click. The little battery icon at the top of my screen is nice, but not exact enough for me. 

This is a perfect app for me, especially for the Firefox OS ZTE Open. After having this phone a month or so, I can tell you that the ZTE Open seems to have a better battery life than my other recent phones. My Samsung Galaxy Note II will get a day of use before a recharge (a real power hog), but the ZTE Open seems to last at least 3 days. 

So this isn't a game, but it is one of the few apps I consider essential (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Google+ are the others right now). 

Cost: Free
Genre: App
Score: 5 (out of 5)
Tested on: ZTE Open (Firefox OS)
Get it at: Firefox Marketplace

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