Wednesday, December 11, 2013

True Token Wins Best HTML5 Game at DevGAMM 2013 (Game News)

I've reviewed two games from True Token, and both of them were great. And recently something greater happened to them!

The first was Steel Story and I reviewed it at, giving it a 5 out of 5. A really cool little game about robots trying to escape deadly water. Excellent physics and a lot of fun.

The other True Token game I reviewed was Darwinism, and I gave that a 6 out of 5 because it was cool also, and a unique take on match-three games. You can read about it at

True Token does great games and they are fun and professional, a great addition to the Firefox Marketplace, and now they are winners!

At the recent DevGAMM festival in Kyiv, True Token won the award for "Best HTML5 Game"for Steel Story. In case you didn't go to DevGAMM, this festival was a game developer conference that had 1300 participants and ran December 7-8, 2013.

 Rovio of Angry Birds (below) and several other games companies were also in attendance.

They even had something called Speed Game Dating!

This sounds like a cool way for game developers to meet game publishers, and here is how it works:
  •     SGD will be held in the Lazure Hall and streamed into mobile and online sections
  •     The developers are be sitting at one side of the table – the publishers at the other.
  •     Each meeting lasts 3 minutes, then a signal is given to change the pairs.
  •     Standard Pass is enough for participation of indie developers (having a game to show is compulsory).
  •     Publishers need to have Premium Pass to register for the event.
  •     No admission for unprepared participants!
Very innovative!   

The game contest was part of the conference and had 145 game titles submitted in several categories. Here are all the winners (can you spot the True Tokens)?

Go Team True Token! Send them a congratulatory tweet at @true_token and download their games from the Firefox Marketplace. They have more games than the two I reviewed, but I will be reviewing all of them eventually. Maybe I can get to DevGAMM next year!

I was not only fascinated by this conference with such eager participants, but I was even more amazed that they had so many participants when at the very same time, in the same city, serious clashes were taking place between the Ukraine government and protesters. Luckily the protests were in a different part of the city, but gamers are so eager to meet with each other that they'd risk a trip to a place that is currently in the world news -- BBC news

One hopes that all will be well in Kiyv soon!

Game designers have courage and determination, good qualities to do great games. Congratulations, True Token, one of the bright stars in the Firefox Marketplace!

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