Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Domino (Game Review)

Domino brings back happy memories of being up at the cottage as a boy and playing dominos. And now I can play it on my Firefox OS phone any time I want. This is a perfect short game that can while away a few minutes without any brain power (sometimes a nice thing).

So in case you've never heard of dominos, they are little black tiles with white spots and each tile has two sides, each side with a 1 to 6 dots. You match 'em and there are various ways to play them as a game or just stack them up and build little castles.

But this is a computer game and here is the first screen you see. Hooray! Directions that are simple but helpful. How cool is that? I really like games with directions and too many in the Firefox Marketplace don't seem to have directions. Domino is a simple game and the directions match.

Click on "New game" and you see the playing field.

There are two dominos at the top and your job is to get rid of all your dominos (at the bottom), by taping on a domino half in your hand and then tap the matching domino half on the board. The domino path twists and turns until you can't play, either by running out of dominos or by not being able to play one. When the game is over, here is what the screen looks like.

If you played all your dominos, the score is based on how many dots the computer player had at the end. If you can't play, the computer wins! Simple, but the real fun is just matching up the tiles and playing. This game is very popular around the world. For more about dominos, check out http://www.domino-games.com/

I hope to see more from the developer, Pictureplaza, in the Netherlands.

Cost: Free
Genre: Boardgame
Score: 5 (out of 5)
Tested on: ZTE Open (Firefox OS)
Get it at: Firefox Marketplace

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