Thursday, October 17, 2013

Problems with ZTE (Hardware Review)

Interesting blog from Rephael Martinez on his problems with the Firefox OS ZTE Open phone:

Essentially he bought an early ZTE Open, it didn't work for him, he bought another one later, and that had problems too. Bummer!

So far I'm happy and maybe lucky. My phone works (as a phone) and I'm having fun playing games and talking about them.

Yes, I sometimes need to reboot, but the ZTE Open reboots faster than most other smartphones I've owned (and I've owned almost all of them: Palm, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android).

I like the ZTE Open because:
  1. It is a Firefox OS phone. I tried to order a Geekphone but they were always out of stock.
  2. The phone works.
  3. The battery has a fairly long life.
  4. It has enough games to keep me happy.
  5. And ... the development environment is the easiest I've ever seen!
But your mileage may vary!

If you have had experiences either way with a Firefox OS phone, let me know though a comment or email. Thanks!

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