About Ratings

I debated about this, but I find that ratings are helpful. Here are my thoughts:
  • When all is said and done, it is my opinion that forms the rating.
  • I try to rate each game first for what is it trying to do.
  • Then I see how it succeeds.
  • Finally, I look at how I feel and what I like.
Here is my rating system:

An excellent game that succeeds at what it is trying to do and one I enjoy. I will probably play it again and again. I would recommend it if you like that type of game.


 An excellent game that  succeeds at what it is trying to do and has something that sparks enjoyment. I might play it again and would still recommend it.


 An good game that  mostly succeeds at what it is trying to do and doesn't quite make it for me, but which I think someone else might like. I'd say, try it and see if you like it. An R3 means there is nothing wrong with the game but it didn't float my boat. If I hate the art but the game is good otherwise, I might rate it an R3 but I'll make it clear that I hate the art.


 An okay game that  somewhat succeeds at what it is trying to do but has some flaws that prevent it from working well. Also poor or missing help will land you here. If I can't figure out how to play the game easily, I don't want to struggle too much. It may have something cool, but I can't see it. There are other fish in the sea!


 A game that is lacking too much to be playable or one that just is too simple or boring. Maybe it doesn't even run. Or it is missing too much. The game just seems broken. I'm not likely to review a game that is broken, so I don't expect many games to get this rating. I expect that most of the games I rate will be in the R4, R3, or R2 category.

If you feel I've missed the boat, let me know and I'll give it another try. I've played a lot of games and on almost platforms (and even tons of games before computers) so I have opinions, but I also want to be fair.

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